A report out from Bossip that suggest that they may even be married!

*Uh oh, rapper Fabolous has a super serious problem on his hands. Dude is facing 4 felony charges … all related to his alleged assault of his baby mama, Emily B.

We’re just now hearing about it but it was last week that a grand jury in New Jersey indicted the rapper on 1 count of domestic violence with significant bodily injury, 2 counts of threatening to kill and 1 count of possession of a weapon … a pair of scissors, reports TMZ.

Damn! Yep, he’s in deep doo-doo. At least it appears that way.

Unfortunately for Fab, he was caught on tape brandishing the scissors in a video that TMZ posted back in March of this year. In the vid, he’s shown wigging out on Emily and her father in the driveway of their Englewood, NJ home. During the incident, he also threatened to kill her and other members of her family (watch above).

There’s more. Emily claims Fabolous repeatedly punched her in the face and knocked out her front teeth. By the way, all 4 charges are for third-degree crimes in NJ. Each charge can bring up to 5 years in prison.

OK, having said all that, would you believe they are still together. They’ve even been seen at events together as a couple in recent months, and gone on family vacations together. In fact, there’s a report out from Bossip that suggest that they may even be married!

By the way, Fab’s attorney described the incident (captured on camera) to TMZ as an argument, and denied Fabolous had committed any crime.

Whateva. Don’t look for #metoo to step in anytime soon to help Emily B.


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